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You know you were an international in Utrecht

1.when u know what storm, tivoli, filemon, cafe belgie etc, mean.
2. when u ride your bike all year long.
3. when u at least had an accident on your bike, that means: crash, fall, run into something or so.
4. when at least once you went out and you got to your destination all wet because of the rain (and maybe because of sweat).
5. when you went to pancake house on a student night and you tried a mushroom, cheese, bacon, pineapple etc. pancake for only 8 euros.
6. when you needed to go somewhere and the train was delayed or changed or canceled
7. if you ever realized that in the floor of central station there are some ladybugs
8. if after a party you went for a turkish pizza or a donner kebab
9. if you were in your bike by the oudegracht and there was a masive crowd of people walking that you just couldn’t ride the bike no more
10. if you were a victim of the ssh or rob de crom (or whatever his name is) or at least you knew someone who did.
11.if you ever had to ride on someones back of their bike because yours was stolen or broke.
12.if you ever bought cheap beer at lidl
13. if you feel of your bike while you were drunk
14. if you went to a party at IBB, Parnassos, Baden Powell or Grote
15. when you got a black letter from SSH.
16. when you went to "the boat" or Sarasani
17. when you went to Plus or Albert Heijn every day.
18. when you went to oude pothuys on a sunday evening, and then the bar eko afterwards
19. if you drank at least 1litter beer a day
20. when the police arrive to our parties
21. If u gave a party in ur place, ppl from everywhere would come without u saying nothing (because was not needed! :D), u knocked out and the day after u had to clean everything ;D
22. u had to carry one of ur flatmates to the bed of one of those parties
23. ur kitchen was all the time a mess and u kinda felt ok with it... :)
24. When u went to stay almost one full day in one park like wilhemina or similar...
24. At some point u wouldn’t never get lost in the city...
25. When u would know till what time are beers served in Pothuis, Mick o’connells, and what time the entrance would close at tivoli, monza, or the price of the bear of
26. When u feel u tried lots of different food from all countries... less from the netherlands.... ok maybe the fish or/and the "frites"?
27. When u had Albert Heijn bar code mini card in ur key set..
28. When u went out with ur flatmates and more the half of ppl went on lended bikes... :D
29. When u often remembering the feeling of crossing the city on ur bike...
30. When u forgot the key on the locker or some bag, or some clothes on top of your bike and no one took it... ;D
31. When u listened the shout in pothuis
32. when at the end of the parties you started to sing: alcohol, alcohol, hemos venido a emborracharnos, el resultado nos da igual.
33. Remember all these things and all the good moments with the friends u made there... such a special thing.. ;D
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Una Rotterdamer -

Yes, it’s true…I just was a tourist in Utrecht but If u change some words in these sentences, u can be talking about my life like a Nederlandse as well =)
*I miss my bike (my bikes actually, the three of them) and the way it didn´t work and I had to kick it to make the wheel turn.
*Of course I used to go to Albert, Plus or even BAS every single day to buy pizzas, beer, halfvole melk or Albert Heijn Sinassapel juice. (Still have my barcode mini card and I use it at least once a year)
*We also had lots of ladybugs on everywhere floor (and it’s something I still don’t understand)
*My house was called “Hotel Cristina” so, I think it’s not necessary to talk about flat partys ;)
*I don’t really know if I drunk 1l of beer each day…but I can say that when I arrived to NL I didn’t like it and 10 months later…
*And…you have been a real Nederlandse when you know Sinerklaas & Zwarte Piet and u use alstublieft for almost everything ;)
PS: I feel almost all these sentences like mine but the one that really sum up my erasmus year is Nº23…for sure!
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